Culpeper, Virginia Culpeper Renaissance, Inc. (CRI) sent out a call for artists, and they answered with eight submitted design applications.  “Needless to say, this was a difficult process for the CRI Design Committee to select five designs from the eight submitted by local talented artists”, states CRI Executive Director, Jessica Jenkins.  “We are excited about the response from the arts community and are motivated by the quality of design work submitted and are exploring future mural sites in Culpeper downtown.”

The placement of power box murals enhances the physical appearance and strengthens the sense of place in downtown Culpeper. Power box murals have become a unique and appealing way of increasing tourism and improving commerce. This project enriches downtown’s inviting atmosphere for new and existing businesses while enticing locals and visitors to make downtown a destination point. The arts culture is growing in Culpeper and CRI is excited to utilize this growth and establish professional relationships with talented local artists to enhance the beauty of Culpeper Downtown through this program.

CRI President, Glen Hoffherr states “These murals make a positive impact to the look and feel of downtown. The murals change formerly plain metal boxes into powerful graphical images. Each mural was completed by a different local artist and brings a bright image showcasing Culpeper downtown.”

Mural titles, artists and locations are as follows:
“Virginia’s Majestic Subtlety” by Crystal Burnham
Located on the 100 block of East Davis Street
According to Crystal Burnham “My power box design, “Virginia’s Majestic Subtlety,” focuses on the quiet beauty found in Virginia and the Culpeper area. Each side features a different item and color with a simple background pattern. My family and I have the common goal of visiting each Virginia state park. This design is just like visiting all the different parts of Virginia. Each side is unique and has something different to view and enjoy just as each park protects a beautiful feature of the state for all of us to explore. Just as the dogwood blossom, our state flower, shows off its beauty with only four petals, my design takes a simple approach to showcase Virginia’s beauty.”

“Welcome to Culpeper” by Savannah Corbin
Located on the corner of East Evans and South Main Street
Savanah states “As I drive along these country roads, I catch a glimpse of something simple, but familiar. “Welcome to Culpeper”, a sign that fills my heart with love and surfaces as a soft smile. For as long as I can remember these signs have reminded me just how welcoming Culpeper is. Born and raised in Culpeper, I know this town inside and out. From the charismatic shop owners to the hard-working farmers, all the way to the dedicated community, Culpeper strives to stand tall and welcome all. Culpeper has always welcomed visitors with open arms and huge hugs. Whether you’re just stopping by or looking for a new home, Culpeper has a little something for everyone: it could be a simple stroll down Davis Street or a hike through the captivating mountains in the valley. But I guarantee the next time you see that sign “Welcome to Culpeper” sign, you too will have a smile, just like I do.”

“Daughter of the Stars” by Layton Scarbrough
Located on the corner of West Chandler and South Main Street
“This power box was one of my favorite projects I have had the chance to work on. The community support, generosity, and overall enthusiasm made this an incredible experience. When I first envisioned the design, I knew that I wanted to highlight some of the wildlife found around Culpeper, as well as the beautiful Shenandoah National Park. I learned that “Shenandoah” comes from an Algonquin word that roughly translates to Daughter of the Stars. I felt that a black bear would capture this essence, while the vibrant reds and oranges of cardinals would harmonize with the blues and purples of both the bear and the night sky. I am so grateful to everyone who stopped by while I painted, yelled out praise from their car, offered me water, or simply waved or honked. Your kindness is what made this project so special.” says Layton Scharbrough

“A New Day Dawning” by Holly Thelin
Located at West Evans and North West Street
Holly Thelin states “My mural highlights some of the beautiful wildlife you can see on lakes and rivers around Culpeper. I loved getting to paint the very animals that inspired me to have a career in animal conservation. I am very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to my wonderful hometown and for all the support I received while doing so.”

“Blue Ridge Mountains” by Kat Tines
Located on the 100 block of West Davis Street
According to Kat Tines “My mural box is representative of my favorite Culpeper view – the sun setting over the blue ridge mountains.”

CRI invites you to enjoy a day in Historic Culpeper Downtown with a self-guided walking tour of local art. Explore the many offerings of downtown including art, dining, shopping, wine tasting, breweries, painting, rock climbing and more! A map of mural locations can be found at under the About Us and Programs page. The Culpeper Downtown Shopping & Dining Guide can be accessed online, at downtown shops and restaurants or at the Culpeper Visitor Center located at 111 S. Commerce Street.

The Art in Public Spaces Power Box Mural Program further strengthens our distinctive downtown atmosphere that will be inviting and attractive to multiple generations of locals, visitors, and entrepreneurs alike.  Due to carefully selected mural sites, this project will create a connected downtown enticing pedestrians to explore off the beaten paths from Davis Street.  “This project further improves the opportunity for downtown Culpeper to be viewed as destination for locals, visitors, potential investors, and entrepreneurs. Art projects that are rooted in community participation build strong societal bonds and create healthy and fun places to live, work and play.  This project enhances the aesthetics of our downtown environment and inspires additional community initiatives.” says CRI Executive Director, Jessica Jenkins, continuing “CRI thanks the five local artist for displaying their talents for all to enjoy, and the community partners that assisted in the project including the Town of Culpeper Light & Power Department, Culpeper Architectural Review Board and the Town of Culpeper Planning and Community Development Department.”

For image of the murals, click here

Funding for this program has been made through the fundraising efforts of Culpeper Renaissance, Inc. (CRI). To donate to your local 501 c3 non-profit designated Main Street organization, CRI, for community improvement projects such as the Art in Public Spaces Power Box Mural Program click here