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With continued support from community partners like you, CRI will be able to continue to make a significant positive impact in strengthening the downtown district. Your assistance will allow continued growth of relevant downtown projects to ensure a growing economic climate for downtown Culpeper.

Downtown Initiatives

Culpeper Downtown Walls Mural Program

The placement of wall murals will enhance the physical appearance and strengthen the sense of place in downtown Culpeper, while capitalizing on some of our assets: history, architecture, countryside and the growth of an arts culture in our community. Murals have become a unique and appealing way of increasing tourism and improving commerce. This project will enhance downtowns inviting atmosphere for new and existing businesses while enticing locals and visitors to make downtown a destination point. The Arts culture is growing in Culpeper and CRI is excited to utilize this growth and establish professional relationships with talented local artists to enhance the beauty of Historic Downtown Culpeper through building wall murals.

The goal for this project is to pictorially preserve and celebrate the art, history and culture of Culpeper while increasing the charm and character of our town for residents and visitors alike. We will take pride in:

Promoting economic development by increasing tourism, business and tax revenues, and property values

  • Inspiring and energizing our town and uniting our community, organized groups, and businesses by encouraging participation from all ages and walks of life
  • Beautifying our streets
  • Create a greater appreciation of the visual arts and our historical roots while establishingthe face and identity of Culpeper

E.B. Wood Community Park

As the result of the 2011 earthquake, a physical rift in the streetscape was created.  Over time this space added a very visible blight to residents and visitors to downtown Culpeper. The space remained vacant, and decapitated until Culpeper Renaissance, Inc. placed improving this property near the top of its work plan for 2016.  CRI in partnership with the Wood family, Virginia Main Street, Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, and the Town of Culpeper developed a plan to create a pocket park that provides respite and dining opportunities in the lot.

The E.B. Wood Community Park has removed blight and provided a destination in its place by creating an appealing environment that is functional and attractive.  The space now allows for locals and visitors alike to have a more connected downtown pedestrian experience and supports the thriving foodie scene with more options for al fresca dining from several nearby establishments.  The park now serves as a valuable contribution to the character and image to the Town by replacing a signal of neglect with one of caring investment and authenticity.  

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Culpeper Renaissance Inc.

Culpeper Renaissance Inc.

The purpose of Culpeper Renaissance, Inc. is to ensure a growing and stable commercial center in downtown.

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