Culpeper Renaissance, Inc. (CRI), is excited to announce the Culpeper Downtown Power Box Mural Program. CRI is now
accepting proposals for placement of murals on five power boxes located within the CRI downtown footprint. Funding
for this program has been made possible through CRI’s fundraising efforts.
The placement of murals enhances the physical appearance and strengthens the sense of place in Culpeper downtown,
while capitalizing on some of the assets: history, architecture, countryside, and the growth of an arts culture in our
community. Murals have become a unique and appealing way of increasing tourism and improving commerce. This
project will enhance downtown’s inviting atmosphere for new and existing businesses while enticing locals and visitors
to make downtown a destination point.
CRI Board President, Glen Hoffherr states “This mural program opens a great opportunity to enhance the downtown
area. It provides local artists an opportunity to show their skills while making the downtown landscape more exciting.”
The goal for this project is to pictorially preserve and celebrate the art, history and culture of Culpeper while increasing
the charm and character of our town for residents and visitors alike. We will take pride in promoting economic
development by increasing tourism, business and tax revenues, and property values; inspiring and energizing our town
and uniting our community, organized groups, and businesses by encouraging participation from all ages and walks of
life; beautifying our streets; and creating a greater appreciation of the visual arts and our historical roots while
establishing the face and identity of Culpeper.
CRI Executive Director, Jessica Jenkins states “The visual Arts culture is growing in Culpeper and CRI is excited to utilize
this growth to establish professional relationships with talented local artists to enhance the beauty of Historic
Downtown Culpeper through the Culpeper Downtown Power Box Mural Program.”
The Culpeper Downtown Power Box Mural Program further strengthens the distinctive downtown atmosphere that will
be inviting and attractive to multiple generations of locals, visitors, and entrepreneurs alike. Due to carefully selected
mural sites, this project will create a connected downtown; enticing pedestrians to explore.
The project will further improve the opportunity for downtown Culpeper to be viewed as destination for locals, visitors,
potential investors, and entrepreneurs. Art projects that are rooted in community participation build strong societal
bonds and create healthy and fun places to live and play.
To submit a proposal for the mural or for more information about the Culpeper Downtown Walls Mural Program please
contact Jessica Jenkins, CRI Executive Director at 540-825-4416, or visit .